Dating Q&A Site HeTexted Raising $500,000 Seed Round

"Heyyy... do u wanna talk abt ur seed round?"


We could all use a little dating advice sometimes, but what if that advice comes from thousands of Internet strangers? HeTexted, a dating Q&A service that went viral last October, is a relationship-themed Quora-type site that allows women to submit screenshots of text messages they’ve received from men and lets anonymous users vote on whether or not he’s into them. Users can also ask a smattering of “bros” relationship questions. It’s crowdsourced dating advice for the digital age, even if the texts are often kind of depressing.

Now, according to documents published to, the New York-based company is raising a seed round. The form states that the company is seeking $500,000 and has already raised $365,000 of that. A representative for the company confirmed it’s raising $500,000 and that they have reached $425,000, which they will file a form on by the end of the week. The rep also stated that the company is looking to close the round by the end of the month, but declined to elaborate further.

It’s unclear how exactly HeTexted will use its funding to grow beyond an entertaining single-serving site, though there’s always the option of a “SheTexted” sister site. Guess we’ll have to wait and see whether or not investors are just that into them. Dating Q&A Site HeTexted Raising $500,000 Seed Round