Destroy Your Garden Because Teens Have Found a Way to Get High Off Flowers

Stop and snort the flowers.

Teen bait. (Photo: Wikipedia)

Teen bait. (Photo: Wikipedia)

While we were all losing our shit about teens sexting on Snapchat, those sneaky creatures moved on to a new terrifying trend.  A CBS 2 I-Team investigation breathlessly reported that the newest “growing and disturbing” trend is huffing flowers to get high, and it’s ruining more lives than Selena Gomez.

Teens are seeking out flowers in the Datura plant family, which at least means they’re paying attention in biology. Because they’re FLOWERS, the plants are readily available and–when sniffed–ignite a feeling of hallucination that can last for days. Other spooky side effects include paranoia, vomiting and heart palpitations. (Frankly that sounds our lot like prom night.)

But CBS 2 deserves a purple medal for talking to some teens, who wished to remain anonymous so they’re not kicked off the swim team or whatever. One said that he “actually thought” he was going blind, and another scarred user said the sensation lasted for hours, even though it sounds like his mom gave him too much NyQuil:

“My trip lasted over 30 hours. You really can’t tell the difference between what’s real and what’s a dream,” another user explained.

Thousands of people a year are hospitalized from getting high from Datura plants.

At least no one has been hurt from Snapchatting.

(H/T Gothamist) Destroy Your Garden Because Teens Have Found a Way to Get High Off Flowers