Doherty charges Mass. Gov. with hypocrisy

State Sen. Michael Doherty today charged the governor of Massachusetts with hypocrisy, and called on the state to release the public assistance records of the two suspected Boston Marathon bombers.

Doherty said the administration of Gov. Deval Patrick allowed law enforcement authorities to trample on the 4th Amendment rights of Watertown residents, yet is citing privacy rights in refusing to disclose records pertaining to various forms of public assistance received by the bombers.

“While law enforcement was searching for Dzhokhar Tsarnaev in Watertown, they had no problem trampling the Fourth Amendment privacy rights of an entire neighborhood of law-abiding citizens as they went door to door pulling innocent families and children out of their homes at gunpoint before conducting warrantless searches of their homes,” said Doherty.

“Now, just days later, it’s absolutely shocking to learn that the administration of Governor Patrick is refusing requests to release information related to the public benefits provided by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts to the Tsarnaev brothers at taxpayer expense, citing their right to privacy. It’s a sick perversion of our laws that allows for accused terrorists to be afforded greater privacy rights than law-abiding citizens.”

Doherty’s comments followed reports that the Boston Herald had been refused access to the information on the two suspects, one of whom – Tamerlan Tsarnaev -was killed in a shootout with police.

Herald requests for information were shot down by several departments, as well as by the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth when the paper requested information on Dzhokar Tsnarnaev’s student aid. Doherty charges Mass. Gov. with hypocrisy