Education issue provides contrast point in LD34 Senate race

Bishop Reginald Jackson’s endorsement today of challenger Mark Alexander provides insight into a key constrast point in the LD 34 state Senate contest: education.

Jackson is a long-standing advocate for school vouchers and was a vocal supporter of the Opportunity Scholarship Act, a pilot program for vouchers.

Alexander does not rule out supporting vouchers as a means of improving urban education.

“In this era where too many of our schools are failing our children, I will push Trenton to take action,” he told “As State Senator, I will always put our children first and will actively explore any and all options that will improve public education in New Jersey. Pilot programs for OSA may be one option. As a teacher, as a parent and as a man deeply concerned about equality, I know we can do nothing less.”

Given the chance, Gill voted against the Opportunity Scholarship Act and is a steadfast opponent of vouchers.

“I am a strong supporter and advocate for our local public schools,” said Gill. “I have proudly opposed efforts that divert funding from our local public schools and do not support voucher schemes.  We must work to ensure that all children receive a quality education and that public schools serve as the foundation for our community.” Education issue provides contrast point in LD34 Senate race