In Your Dreams! Annoyed Neighbors Bill Gansevoort Hotel $1K an Hour for Lost Sleep

GansevoortNewsflash: living in an expensive fancy area next to an expensive fancy hotel is totally not all it’s cracked up to be.

According to The New York Post, neighbors of Murray Hill’s swanky Gansevoort Hotel are so pissed off with the hotel’s high noise levels that they are are billing the hotel for hours of lost sleep.

How much is an hour of lost sleep worth, we wonder? According to six residents of the Park Avenue South Neighborhood, quite a lot: each stolen snooze is being billed at the rate of $1,000 an hour.

Mario Messina, a local resident who sent one such invoice, said that he based this figure on his professional salary. Although frankly unless his job title is “Inception,” we can’t see why his sleeping hours are as valuable as his waking ones  (Newsflash: he’s an ad exec. So yeah, no).

“It’s a circus. The situation is absolutely unbearable,” Mr. Messina said of the noise levels. “They give great lip service, but the only thing they pay attention to is their wallets.”

The formal-looking invoices feature spreadsheet columns for “hours, rate and amount” owed for the number of hours residents are kept awake by the Gansevoort’s rowdy revelers, honking cabs and generally annoying fun-ness.

The invoices are meant to send a message to the hotel, which has been asked repeatedly by members of the 29th Street Neighborhood Association to turn down the partying. While Mr. Messina and co say they don’t presume the hotel will pay up, they are fed up with the lack of inaction and see this as a method of gaining the hotel’s attention.

“We’ve had meetings… Maybe for two weeks, it improves. Then they’re having these crazy parties again,” he said.

Yeah, cause nothing scares an organization into action like a bunch of fake spreadsheets.

Party on, Gansevoort. In Your Dreams! Annoyed Neighbors Bill Gansevoort Hotel $1K an Hour for Lost Sleep