Girls Spawns Yet Another Insufferable Web Spin-Off: Bros



How many more Girls parodies can YouTube handle?

At least one more, according to 25-year-old video editor Anthony DiMieri, the creator of  Bros.

Mr. DiMieri’s completely unique series follows four bros as they embark on a transformation, from New Jersey frat boys to full-blown Brooklyn hipsters.

“The stuff I was writing about, I sort of based on real-life experience,” he said, completely seriously, to Metro.

“I definitely lived a similar lifestyle with the Pickleback shots and PBR. There is some truth to the stereotypes, but we really went over the top and made it cartoonish.”

Mr. DiMieri is hoping Bros will be his big break. So far, the first episode of the series has been watched more than 20,000 times and the official Twitter handle for Girls even started following him this week.

“That was a big deal because it was like, ‘Ok, the people at HBO are watching this,’” Mr. DiMieri said to Metro. “I think Lena Dunham and I could probably collaborate and write a really hilarious episode, maybe about bringing the girls to a frat party.”

Let’s hope not.

[youtube <em>Girls</em> Spawns Yet Another Insufferable Web Spin-Off: <em>Bros</em>