Gross Encounters of the Mandy Stadtmiller Kind

From hate-masturbating to toxic tampons, nothing is off limits for the self-proclaimed ‘News Whore.’

In person, Ms. Stadtmiller is a towering presence: she is over six feet tall and has long blond hair, even features and a toothy smile. She has taken enough selfies that her face is familiar from a quick Google search.

Married to her college boyfriend at 25 and then divorced five years later, she writes a great deal about sex, but her romantic situation is currently in flux. She said she mostly dates men from the comedy scene, including an “almost-boyfriend” of a few months back, because they can handle her body humor. But even they can be wary of becoming column fodder.

“There is a dirty little secret about writing about your dating life,” she wrote last September. “What people don’t tell you about doing the whole personal memoir thing—or ‘oversharing’ if you want to be a reductive hipster dick about it—is that many dudes live in fear of being written about.”

Ms. Stadtmiller didn’t always mine sex and personal hygiene for material. The San Diego native studied journalism at Northwestern, interned at The Washington Post and got a reporting job at The Des Moines Register. She was working in a quasi-PR role for a medical school alumni magazine at her alma mater when she “found her voice” by hatching a blog called Bloggy McBlogalot and started doing stand-up comedy. She divorced her husband, who, she wrote, “cheated on me brutally,” and moved to New York to pursue writing and performing.

Gross Encounters of the Mandy Stadtmiller Kind