Gun control bills introduced

TRENTON – Several senators have introduced gun control measures.

S2659, sponsored by Democratic Sens. Teresa Ruiz and Sandra Cunningham, would require county prosecutors to pursue revocation of a convicted felon’s firearms identification card.

S2663,  sponsored by Democratic Sen. Fred Madden Jr., would criminalize possession of handgun ammunition that can penetrate body armor.

Under the first bill, once a prosecutor determines that a felon has a valid ID, the prosecutor must apply to Superior Court to have it revoked.

If the person was issued a permit to carry a handgun, the prosecutor would investigate whether the person surrendered the permit to the superintendent of State Police as  required.

The second bill, which under various sponsors has been introduced as far back as 2005, would make it a crime of the fourth degree to possess such armor-piercing ammunition.

Various lawmakers have introduced weapons restriction bills in the wake of last year’s school shootings in Connecticut.

A group of leading Senate Democrats last week said they intended to introduce a package of such bills soon.

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