Healy v. Fulop: last quarter fundraising versus cash-on-hand

JERSEY CITY – The Healy Campaign claims its opponents are in disarray, with a jumbled battle plan less than three weeks out and less than impressive fundraising numbers, but mayoral candidate Steve Fulop said he likes his path to victory better than incumbent Mayor Jerry Healy’s, and claims organizational and cash-on-hand advantages.

Healy crowed yesterday over the superiority of his fundraising totals in the last quarter.

It’s true that the mayor raised more.

Fulop’s individual ELEC account shows him raising $49,688 in the last quarter with $132,564 cash on hand. ELEC shows his team raised $108,360 in the last quarter, with $167,000 cash on hand, but Bruno Tedeschi, spokesman for the Fulop Campaign, says the team actually raised $261,187 and plans to amend its submitted ELEC report – a point confirmed by the numbers added up in the report but misrepresented in a total receipts typo.

Healy raised $227,573 in the last quarter toward his individual campaign account filed with ELEC and has $85,250 cash on hand. The Healy Team raised $341,000 and has $55,876 cash on hand.

With an amended report, Fulop has $310,000 cash on hand versus $141,000 for Healy.

Last quarter fundraising advantage – Healy; but cash on hand advantage Fulop.

“We are fully funded,” said Fulop, noting his cash on hand advantage for the final three weeks. “($141,000) won’t cover the duration for Healy. We feel our campaign is in a great place.”

Healy has two fundraising events scheduled before the end of April. Fulop also has two upcoming fundraisers.

“We have a low-dollar one scheduled for May 1, and one more high-dollar one in the first week of May,” said the candidate.

The Healy Campaign pointed to a nearly $100,000 reimbursement loan Fulop made from the campaign to himself, reported in the canddiate’s last ELEC filing. “That’s not a great sign of confidence,” Healy said.

The presence of the Carpenters’ political arm led by veteran South Jersey operative Trish Mueller – and backed up by Adam Steinberger – likewise has Healy World gleeful with the perceived notion that the labor operatives have supplanted Fulop field program director Tommy Bertoli’s old school local model.

Bertoli yesterday told PolitickerNJ.com it’s not true, and Fulop today added to the argument that the Carpenters are complementing – not squashing – Bertoli.  

“Nothing has changed other than the fact that we are adding the complementary services,” Fulop said. “We are lucky to have the Carpenters. They’ve offered terrific support on every front, including logistics. At the end of the day I think it’s sour grapes on Jerry’s part that he doesn’t have their support. Our structure is in place and it is as strong as it ever was. We continue to work hard and we’re funded through the end.” Healy v. Fulop: last quarter fundraising versus cash-on-hand