Marty Markowitz’s ‘Demo Reel’

Marty Markowitz (YouTube screengrab)
Marty Markowitz (YouTube screengrab)

Last night, Brooklyn Borough President Marty Markowitz gave the last “State of the Borough” speech of his 12-year career in the office, and he made sure it was a colorful one, complete with exploding fireworks and a rapping Tony Danza. For his part, Mr. Markowitz himself took on the roles of a talk-show host, comedian and actor–the last featuring a “demo reel” where, among other things, he dons a hoodie for a scene in Spike Lee’s Do the Right Thing and dresses up as Captain America.

“With only a few months left in my term, I have to start thinking about a career after the Borough Presidency,” Mr. Markowitz explains. “So, I put together my personal demo reel of auditions for major motion pictures filmed right here in Brooklyn. So, lights, camera, action!!”

Watch below:

[youtube] Marty Markowitz’s ‘Demo Reel’