Media Mix: Monday

NewspapersMargaret Thatcher died, almost replacing Mad Men recaps on Twitter. New York magazine takes on “Media, Disrupted.” It feels like spring, finally. So basically, life is looking up. Or something.

Over to media news:

The more things change, the more they stay the same: Frank Rich waxes analytic (but not nostalgic) about his former employers, The New York Times and Time, and the changing media landscape.

Is BuzzFeed the future? Yet another article looks at the website’s business model, this time in New York mag.

The New York Times discovers sponsored content (in an article, not in the useful ad dollars sense).

Jezebel gets a facelift: The new Kinja platform makes the site look like a blog again, but now everyone is a blogger. Kinda.

Could Google buy Vice? Maybe! Michael Wolff speculates. Media Mix: Monday