Morning Links: Fair Use Edition

(Courtesy Twitter)

A forthcoming Prince print. (Courtesy Twitter)

Mitchell-Innes & Nash will represent the Jay DeFeo Trust. DeFeo’s show at the Whitney runs through June 2. [NYT]

Apparently toasting his victory in the “Canal Zone” case, Richard Prince teases new work about the 57 girlfriends that Jerry had on Seinfeld. [@RichardPrince4/Twitter]

The case of the $3 million 5¢ coin. [The Daily Mail]

The Museum of Modern Art is looking to hire a senior publicist! [NYFA]

Helly Nahmad’s gallery reopens, and his bond increases from $500,000 to $10 million. [Bloomberg]

Here is a story about BAM’s silent auction at The Hole: “the evening included lively lip-syncing by the arresting drag troupe Chez Deep and a rap performance from Calez Ceito, who was joined onstage by Grant Yanney.” [WSJ]

Here’s The Times on Richard Prince and Patrick Cariou. [NYT]

And here’s Donn Zaretsky on it. [The Art Law Blog]

Morning Links: Fair Use Edition