Morning Links: Latvian Edition

Photo by James Scott. (Courtesy Wikipedia)

Photo by James Scott. (Courtesy Wikipedia)

Mark Rothkos go on view in the town of his birth, Daugavpils, Latvia. (It was part of Russia when he was born there in 1903.) [Bloomberg]

“A 15th-century illustrated volume of the Mishneh Torah that was to be the star of a Sotheby’s auction on Monday was withdrawn from the sale and bought jointly by the Israel Museum in Jerusalem and the Metropolitan Museum of Art.” [NYT]

“Canada’s term leading the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance, a partnership among 31 countries, is off to a strong start. Last week, the government donated $190,000 to fund provenance research for Holocaust-era art at the nation’s museums.” [The Art Newspaper]

Saudi conceptual artist Abdulnasser Gharem will soon start the country’s first artist-run foundation. [The Art Newspaper]

Here’s a look at the Met’s punk show. [NYT]

“Van Gogh’s True Palette Revealed.” [NYT] Morning Links: Latvian Edition