Morning Read: ‘Slumming It With Some Washed-Up Old Businessman’

Michael Grimm. (Photo: Getty)

Michael Grimm. (Photo: Getty)

Headline of the Day: “IDC’s campaign reform would aid…IDC.”

Daily Kos Elections has collected the first quarter fund-raising data for almost every congressional candidate next year.  Of note for New York City’s one competitive congressional district: GOP Rep. Michael Grimm has continued to accumulate debt, almost $500,000 in total compared to about $300,000 cash on hand. Meanwhile, Mr. Grimm’s Democratic challenger, Councilman Domenic Recchia, has almost $400,000 on hand, likely partially thanks to refunded contributions from his 2013 account.

NY1 host Errol Louis, who interviewed former Congressman Anthony Weiner this week and presumably had some off-camera conversations with him, labeled Mr. Weiner’s entry into the mayoral race “all-but-certain.”  In a Daily News op-ed, Mr. Louis added, “Republicans inclined to gloat about the prospect of Weiner throwing the Democratic primary into chaos should be careful what they wish for. None of them has developed the kind of policy proposals — some quixotic, others intriguing — that Weiner released.”

Tell us how you really feel, Stanford student Taylor Brady, about Mayor Michael Bloomberg‘s commencement address later this year. “When I first heard that Michael Bloomberg would be our graduation speaker this year, I was offended,” Mr. Brady wrote in a very snarky op-ed in the Stanford Daily. “How dare Stanford disrespect those graduating in 2013 by slumming it with some washed-up old businessman?”

State Senator Adriano Espaillat picked a fight with right-wing Iowa Congressman Steve King, who suggested the Boston Marathon bombing should derail the immigration debate. “King is cynically exploiting a national tragedy to sabotage the best chance at immigration reform we’ve seen in decades, and keep millions of patriotic immigrants from achieving citizenship,” Mr. Espaillat declared. “He should apologize immediately.”

From Page Six today: “‘Quinn was talking loudly,’ said a restaurant spy, adding that Quinn … then only noticed Thompson’s aide when she got up to leave. “They shook hands, but her eyes got really wide . . . like she realized she had this loud conversation in public.” A source close to Quinn … sniffed, “It wasn’t awkward because she was out of earshot. She wished him luck, but not too much luck.” Morning Read: ‘Slumming It With Some Washed-Up Old Businessman’