Morning Read: ‘Candidacide’

The Times front-page story on Rep. Weiner: "All Puns Aside ..." (Photo:

The Times front-page Weiner Story: “All Puns Aside …” (Photo:

Headline of the Day: “How to survive a scandal.”

Former Rep. Anthony Weiner‘s been working a consulting gig: “On six different occasions during the interview, he marveled at his own aptitude for business … His biggest regret so far: undercharging. ‘I make far less money than I should, with all the advice that I’ve given and how lucrative it’s turned out to be for the companies,’ he said.”

Councilman Robert Jackson picked up another union endorsement in his bid for Manhattan Borough President. “The 17,000 active and retired members of the Council of School Supervisors and Administrators know that Robert Jackson will stand with us as we fight to grow our education system,” CSA President Ernest Logan said. “We believe Robert has our children’s best interests at heart and truly understands the challenges of educators in our City.”

While one of Mr. Jackson’s rivals, Councilwoman Jessica Lappin, reached into Mr. Jackson’s Harlem base to get the endorsement of Reverend Jacques Andre DeGraff. “I’m proud to support Jessica Lappin to be Manhattan’s next Borough President,” Reverend DeGraff said in a statement. “She has been a true champion on the City Council on so many issues that are important to our community — from leading the fight to get new schools built in Manhattan to expanding opportunities forminority and women- owned businesses.”

New York Post columnist Bob McManus labeled Board of Regents Chancellor Merryl Tisch‘s decision to join former Comptroller Bill Thompson‘s mayoral campaign “just breathtaking.” Mr. McManus, raging against the general influence of the state teacher’s union, added, “Right now, the Tisch endorsement represents politics as usual in New York City — sordid, cynical and soaringly arrogant … Politics first. Kids last. End of story.”

Thompson strategist Jonathan Prince, meanwhile, castigated rival Council Speaker Chris Quinn‘s recent mayoral-style press conference as “yet another attempt by the Quinn campaign to portray her as mayor-in-waiting, to suggest her election is inevitable.” A spokesman for a third candidate, Bill de Blasio, piled on: “Speaker Quinn has been standing so close to the mayor for seven years, his commissioners probably can’t tell the difference.”

And the headlines continue to beat up embattled Councilman Dan Halloran, with the Post‘s latest, “Quinn gives heathen Halloran hell.” Both of Mr. Halloran’s alleged sexual partners are further “expected to be called before the ethics panel and asked about their relationships with the Queens Republican.” One of the women reportedly spent yesterday in Mr. Halloran’s house.

Councilman Mike Nelson endorsed his staffer, Chaim Deutsch, to replace him. Mr. Deutsch could additionally benefit from multiple Russian-American opponents. Or, as consultant Hank Sheinkopf explains it: “The Russian candidates each have different strengths, but it’s going to be hard for anyone to win without cutting the other one up … So, you might see some ‘candidacide’ amongst the Russians.”

Morning Read: ‘Candidacide’