Morning Read: ‘Doodlesack’

"Mayor Bloomberg on the 5 Train to City Hall this AM. We'll have a full briefing on security in the city at 12:30pm" (Photo: Twitter/@MarcLaVorgna)

“Mayor Bloomberg on the 5 Train to City Hall this AM. We’ll have a full briefing on security in the city at 12:30pm” (Photo: Twitter/@MarcLaVorgna)

Headline of the Day: “Is this the part where Andrew Cuomo really tackles public corruption?”

The New York TimesMichael Powell also looked at Gov. Andrew Cuomo‘s anti-corruption efforts: “In fairness, none of this is easy for the governor. Mention ethics reform, and Dean G. Skelos, the Republican leader in the State Senate, and Sheldon Silver, the Democratic Assembly leader, pace about like suspicious cats with wrinkled noses. And the governor sounds a bit plaintive of late.”

And Speaker Shelly Silver is indeed already skeptical of a Cuomo-backed bill to criminalize failure to report bribery. “We have to see exactly what he has,” Mr. Silver contended. “We’re not going to put a burden on someone who is indefinable. It wouldn’t be constitutional if you did in such a way that was really vague. So, it’s a difficult thing to do, but we look forward to seeing the language and how it works.”

The various mayoral campaigns are still reacting to the news that former Congressman Anthony Weiner might enter the race. In the case of Jonathan Prince, a top aide to former Comptroller Bill Thompson, the situation already involves expectations-setting. “I expect that the first poll that comes out including Anthony will have him in second place,” he said. “He’s got 100 percent name recognition — nobody else comes close to that.”

Public Advocate Bill de Blasio had another staffer with a Twitter controversy, with the latest resulting in a resignation: “Anthony ‘Tony’ Baker took aim at Jews in particular while using the Twitter handle ‘Hyman Doodlesack,’ including one tweet last year when Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was at the United Nations. ‘AIPAC makes me want to be a Nazi,’ Baker tweeted March 5.”

Comptroller John Liu had a strong performance at yesterday’s mayoral debate on Staten Island. His closing remarks began, “I think that the transportation system and the infrastructure on Staten Island would be my first priority as mayor.” Watch below:

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