Morning Read: ‘Hockey in All Five Boroughs’

Michael Goodwin's column today depicts Mayor Bloomberg and Speaker Quinn as lovers.

The art in Michael Goodwin’s column today.

Headline of the Day: “Cuomo: Take a position, details be damned.”

New York post columnist Cindy Adams this morning: “A thought. Where did the Boston suspects get such money? To travel . . . to buy . . . Another thought. Anthony Weiner’s skeevy — but also savvy. Survived this lousy anti-Weiner press early. Well in advance. Result? No matter what he does or when he does it, he’s already survived the slings and arrows.”

Speaking of former Rep. Anthony Weiner, Guardian columnist Michael Wolf penned a piece praising him. “Weiner was once small-time, too,” he posited. “But say this for scandal, it made him a household name and national figure. With a little critical interpretation, it was a wholly positive sort of experience for him. Great drama and attention.”

Mr. Weiner also stepped out into the press to comment on Mayor Michael Bloomberg‘s deal to turn a Bronx armory into an ice skating rink. “I think the people of the Bronx deserve a nice skating facility,” Mr. Weiner, an amateur hockey player said. “I hope to check off another box on my bucket list: play hockey in all five boroughs.”

Former Comptroller Bill Thompson was the only Democratic mayoral candidate to not release his tax returns a year ago, but this year, he joined most of his rivals in publishing them. It turns out Mr. Thompson is relatively wealthy, pulling in more than $700,000 with his wife. But Republican Joe Lhota dwarfs that sum with income totaling almost $2 million.

While Council Speaker Christine Quinn‘s rivals–including Mr. Thompson and Public Advocate Bill de Blasioare going out of their way to bring up term limits during mayoral forums. “I can’t ignore Speaker Quinn’s tortured logic that she gave Mayor Bloomberg a third term, then he did bad things to small business, then she — quote unquote — ‘did something’ about it,” Mr. de Blasio answered a small business question yesterday, for example.

And The Colbert Report took on New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie:

Morning Read: ‘Hockey in All Five Boroughs’