New York Post Relishes Return of Anthony Weiner


After former Congressman Anthony Weiner revealed his possible return to electoral politics yesterday, one could not help but wonder what pun-filled direction the New York Post would take. After all, during Mr. Weiner’s 2011 scandal, the tabloid simply wallowed in its own innuendos.

Today’s paper didn’t disappoint.

The Post‘s full coverage of Mr. Weiner’s potential mayoral candidacy starts with the cover, which blares “WEINER’S SECOND COMING!” and “Anthony: Erect me Mr. Mayor,” along with one of the sexual pictures that helped force his resignation.

But for pun enthusiasts, it doesn’t stop there–not even close. In a 4-page “SECOND COMING” spread, the Post re-ran several of its best innuendo-laced covers and provided: a 2,000 word re-write–headlined “WEINER’S LONG HARD ROAD BACK”–of the New York Times Magazine profile that broke the news yesterday, a story evaluating his odds headlined “Weiner stiff competition for Dem foes,” some woman-on-the-street interviews on the subject and an Andrea Peyser column slamming him.

Deeper in today’s issue, Cindy Adams’ Page Six column featured Mr. Weiner and the publication editorialized against him, criticizing the “dreary, teary puff piece in the New York Times” while asking itself, “Why why why why why?

For its part, the Post‘s rival publication, the New York Daily News, passed on the pun-filled joy of Mr. Weiner’s return and focused instead on the national gun control issue. New York Post Relishes Return of Anthony Weiner