New Yorkers Are Really, Really Excited About Bike Sharing

And yet we remained terrified.

Nonetheless, Citi Bike, New York’s long awaited bike-share system, opened for registration Monday morning with a boom. The program had received almost 4,500 subscriptions by noon today.

According to StreetsBlog, the sign-up rate in NYC is generally “off the charts” compared to bike share programs in other cities.

For example, Denver’s B-Cycle, which launched three years ago, has less total members than Citi Bike attained in a single day. (Take that Denver!)

There are currently about 60 Citi Bike stations set up throughout the city, with more in the works.

In a press conference yesterday, Transportation Commissioner Janette Sadik-Khan was optimistic about New Yorkers’ response to the program. “We will significantly outstrip any other city in the country in terms of usage,” he said.

The annual membership rate for CitiBike is about $103 per year, and entitles users to unlimited rides of up to 45 minutes long. The first 5,000 people to sign up will also receive a number of perks, such as a access to a members only preview period and a “special Founding Member key,” which sounds mysterious and cool, although probably not worth having our lives flash before our eyes every time we have to go to work.

New Yorkers Are Really, Really Excited About Bike Sharing