No new red-light camera intersections to be added, DOT says

TRENTON – The state Transportation Department said on Thursday no new locations will be added to the list of authorized red light camera intersections because there would not be enough time to compile data under the pilot program that is scheduled to end as early as December 2014.

The DOT will continue to gather and analyze information from its current roster of 76 authorized and operational red-light camera intersections throughout the state.

In order for information gathered from cameras to be statistically significant, a minimum of two years of data is necessary. Since the study could end as early as 20 months from now, adding new cameras at this point will not be useful in assisting in the determination of their overall worth, the department said.

DOT engineers have determined that the current level of participation will provide the department enough data to make an informed and responsible recommendation on the effectiveness of red light cameras in New Jersey.

DOT officials said that while many municipalities have expressed interest in participating in the program and have submitted applications concerning specific intersections, none of these applications will be considered for inclusion in the program.

No new red-light camera intersections to be added, DOT says