Oliver, Prieto rip Christie tax cut plan

TRENTON – Assembly Democratic leaders criticized Gov. Chris Christie’s tax cut proposal announced this morning.

Speaker Sheila Oliver said that “The governor has failed to reveal how he intends to finance the higher education restructuring act he demanded to have enacted last July, finance the future infrastructure needs of New Jersey and has failed to address New Jersey’s burgeoning unemployment rate. Election year posturing to the citizens of our state is shameful.”

In calling for a tax cut plan similar to last year’s, Christie said this morning that the Democrats no longer have an excuse to avoid a tax cut. Democrats last year said they only would support a tax reduction if revenues supported it.

Christie said today that revenues are strong and provide evidence a tax cut plan is workable.

But Democratic Budget Committee Chairman Assemblyman Vincent Prieto also ripped the plan.

“The Assembly leadership has made it very clear they would consider a tax cut that was paid for responsibly, but Gov. Christie zealously protects tax breaks for the mega-rich and mismanaged the state budget into a massive shortfall,” he said today.

“So despite Gov. Christie’s pandering, not a single thing has changed. Meanwhile, Gov. Christie cannot even afford to pay for the property tax relief he promised to fully restore. The middle-class suffering under Gov. Christie’s policies deserve better.”

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