Oliver weighs in on Wolf’s departure

TRENTON – Assembly Speaker Sheila Oliver called Rutgers University’s decision Thursday to part ways with its general counsel long overdue.

Oliver issued a statement following the university’s announcement that chief counsel John Wolf would step down amid controversy surrounding former head basketball coach Mike Rice. The speaker renewed her calls for a legislative hearing to be held in the wake of the controversy, saying the departure of Wolf only opens the doors to additional questions.

“The decision-making process that has gone on at Rutgers is simply baffling.  If Mr. Wolf’s questionable judgment played a role in the suspension, rather than the firing, of Mike Rice, he needed to be held accountable, not reassigned to another sizeable tax payer-funded position,” Oliver said.

“Why was the public misled for days to believe that he had left the university?  When the governor weighed in on this issue on Monday, was he aware that Mr. Wolf had merely been reassigned?  The public deserves to know who was behind this decision making and who knew that Mr. Wolf had merely been reassigned rather than fired,” she said. “This just adds to the growing list of questions we are hoping to have answered when we hold our legislative hearing.” Oliver weighs in on Wolf’s departure