Partisan reaction to latest jobless rate

TRENTON – Leading Assembly and Senate members reacted along party lines Thursday to the news the state jobless rate dipped to 9 percent.

Assemblyman John Wisniewski, chairman of the New Jersey Democratic State Committee, said in a release that the figures for March represent 46 straight months with unemployment at or above 9 percent.

“There are still far too many New Jerseyans who desperately want to work and cannot find a job,” he said.  “Even among those who have rejoined the workforce, too many have had to settle for lower wages and struggle to make ends meet.

“After more than three years in office, Governor Christie still hasn’t proposed any plan to sustain and grow middle-class jobs.  New Jersey needs good jobs to grow our economy.” 

However, Assembly Republican Leader Jon Bramnick cheered the news that the jobless rate dipped .3 percentage points.

“New Jersey’s economy continues to rebound,” he said in a release. “Businesses are again creating jobs because they have confidence that our state is on the right track.

“Now is the time for tax relief. The governor’s proposed tax cut for residents will further enhance the state’s economic momentum and create more opportunities for growth.”

On Monday, Gov. Chris Christie reintroduced a tax-cut plan as part of a conditional veto of an earned income tax restoration bill.

Senate Republican leader Tom Kean Jr. said, “Gaining 10,000 private-sector jobs a month is certainly something to boast, especially in a state where employers pay too much for government and are confined in a straight jacket of regulations.” Partisan reaction to latest jobless rate