Quinn Uses ‘Anybody But Quinn’ Campaign to Fund-raise for Her Own

A seen from the anti-Quinn ad. (Photo: YouTube)

A smokey scene from the anti-Quinn ad. (Photo: YouTube)

Council Speaker Christine Quinn’s mayoral bid suddenly found itself under attack last night when The New York Times reported that a $1 million, “A.B.Q. — anybody but Quinn” ad campaign has been started up to oppose her. But Ms. Quinn is pushing back, and in an email to her supporters this morning, she accused her opponents of undermining the public campaign finance system by letting an independent expenditure do their dirty work.

“This attack ad, funded by those closely aligned with my opponents, is an all-out effort to undermine New York City’s public campaign finance system, the most progressive system in the country and one I have worked hard to strengthen. What a disgrace,” she wrote. “But I’m not backing down, I’m standing up. And I need you to stand with me.”

Although Ms. Quinn didn’t call out her rivals by name, in the original Times story, her campaign criticized Public Advocate Bill de Blasio, for having ties to some members of NYC Is Not for Sale 2013, the attack ad coalition. For their part, the group held a press conference on the steps of City Hall to further blast Ms. Quinn today.

“Speaker Quinn has shown time and time again that she shares Mayor Bloomberg’s vision of New York City, only addressing the needs of New Yorkers on crucial issues such as livable wages, paid sick leave and working conditions when forced to by protests, bad press and spiraling approval ratings,” Arthur Cheliotes, President of CWA Local 1180, said in a statement. “As Mayor we believe she will continue the same inexcusable behavior, which is why we stand here today to ensure she is not elected.”

Ms. Quinn, who already reached the maximum contribution limit for this year’s Democratic primary, also asked her supporters to boost her campaign’s war chest in order to fight back against these sorts of attacks.

“We will put your contribution to work right away,” she continued. “Your donation will allow us to open up campaign offices, put clipboards in the hands of our volunteers, and print handouts that give New Yorkers the facts about my record of fighting for the middle class and those striving to get there.”

View the original ad below:
[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VfMcURAvsmA%5D Quinn Uses ‘Anybody But Quinn’ Campaign to Fund-raise for Her Own