Reddit User ‘Bitcoinbillionaire’ Now Just Giving Away BTC for the Hell of It

Showering the peasants with virtual gold.

(Photo: Imgur)

(Photo: Imgur)

When you’re marvelously rich off of the Internet’s favorite cryptocurrency, what’s a person to do? If you’re Reddit user Bitcoinbillionaire, a self-proclaimed “early adopter” of Bitcoin, you start gifting random Redditors with significant amounts of BTC.

According to Business Insider, Bitcoinbillionaire began using Reddit’s Bitcoin tip function, which allows users to send Bitcoins to random Reddit users, to give out thousands of dollars in the cryptocurrency. All in all, Bitcoinbillionaire gave away $13,600 to Reddit strangers, including $5,000 to a lucky user named Karelb, who already used a portion of the money to buy a new cell phone.

Bitcoinbillionaire has yet to divulge much personal information about him or herself, simply leaving grateful users with the following message before riding off into the night: “It’s been a fun and wild day.” He also closed with a Ron Paul quote, ‘cuz this is Reddit after all. Reddit User ‘Bitcoinbillionaire’ Now Just Giving Away BTC for the Hell of It