Rutgers Board of Governors goes into closed session

NEW BRUNSWICK – Rutgers Board of Governors went into closed session Thursday afternoon moments after the state’s top Senate lawmaker called for the resignation of one of its members.

The board is expected to be in closed session for two hours to discuss personnel matters. Moments before gaveling out of open session, Senate President Steve Sweeney asked board members to remove Mark Hershhorn.

“I am troubled over what happened with this incident and I think we really need to move this university beyond this,” Sweeney said.

“He failed in his responsibility to protect this university,” he said. “I’m asking that this board pass a resolution requesting the Board of Trustees … to remove him and appoint somebody else.”

Sweeney says Hershhorn chose not to make the other Board of Governors members aware of the controversial videos of former basketball coach Mike Rice when Hershhorn first viewed them late last year.

Hershhorn’s seat at the Board of Governors sat empty when Sweeney gave his brief address to the group.

“One of their own chose not to inform them,” Sweeney said. “I put blame right where it belongs.”

Sweeney said ahead of the meeting that he’s prepared to put the matter to rest once Hershhorn is removed.

Rutgers Board of Governors goes into closed session