Rutgers-Newark officials rip school-funding formula

NEWARK – Rutgers-Newark officials poured out in numbers at an Assembly budget hearing Tuesday to decry what they say is an unfair school funding formula with how the state disperses higher education dollars.

University officials say their students are being short-changed tens of millions of dollars annually because of disparity in funding for Rutgers University’s campuses.

The pleaded with members of the Assembly Budget Committee to fix the formula, explaining money is being diverted disproportionately to other campuses – specifically Rutgers’ New Brunswick campus.

“It’s positively criminal to treat our students [this] way,” said Jack Lynch, associate dean of arts and sciences, who told lawmakers his students are losing nearly $30 million annually in capital development funds.

“It’s an abuse of common sense and of basic decency,” he said, adding Rutgers-Newark students are “subsidizing” the North Brunswick campus.

“We are being short- changed,” Lynch said. “I find it shocking.”

The statements were echoed by Rutgers-Newark’s interim chancellor, Philip Yeagle.

“At present, there is a large inequity of funding on a per-student basis,” Yeagle said. “New Jersey should move toward equal funding.”

Rutgers-Newark comprises roughly 25 percent of the entire Rutgers University student population, according to campus officials.

  Rutgers-Newark officials rip school-funding formula