Scare Tactics: City Unveils Tastefully Tame Anti-Salt Subway Campaign

pr008-13-imageFrom big soda to big, err, sodium, Nanny Bloomberg usually pulls no punches when it comes to New Yorkers’ health. And while a string of aggressive P.R. campaigns may have failed to halt our chain-smoking, Sprite-guzzling lifestyles, if nothing else, they have provided us with some terrifying subway ads.

These ads include smokers with gruesomely amputated fingers, fat oozing out of soda bottles and sobbing babies born to teen mothers bemoaning their hypothetical lack of high school educations. Help us, Doctor Zizmor!

So with the city’s new ads to cut salt consumption, the possibilities for scaring the pants off New Yorkers were seemingly endless. How about some x-rays of salt molecules burning holes in various internal organs? Or, like, a giant anthropomorphic pretzel beating the shit out of someone with a salt-shaker?

Instead, the new subway ads rolled out this week have taken something of the opposite tack, reminding New Yorkers to, you know, read the labels on stuff. Labels? That’s some scary stuff, bro.

The new ads feature two loaves of bread and a zoomed in image of the labels on the packaging, one which has higher sodium content. The tag-line advises New Yorkers to “Compare Labels. Choose Less Sodium.”

Yeah, cause nothing gets New Yorkers to change their habits like percentages, sciencey words, and having to read stuff. Scare Tactics: City Unveils Tastefully Tame Anti-Salt Subway Campaign