Shared services bill held up in Assembly, Christie says

BERGENFIELD – If New Jersey residents want to push their local governments toward sharing services, they should put pressure on Assembly Speaker Sheila Oliver, Gov. Chris Christie said.

The governor told residents Tuesday he supports sharing services in cases where residents are calling for the measure. A bipartisan bill, S2, would call for making certain appropriations to help encourage shared services, but it’s being held up in the Assembly, Christie said.

“We’re waiting for the Assembly to act on that bill,” Christie said, calling Oliver out by name.

The governor encouraged residents to go online and send the Assembly speaker an e-mail telling her to “post Senate Bill 2 if you want shared services.”

The Republican governor is no stranger to singling out Oliver and Senate President Steve Sweeney – both Democrats – by name in fiery speeches during town halls.

However, the most recent reference of Oliver took somewhat of a different tone, with Christie saying at one point that Oliver will “get to it eventually.”

An Assembly Democratic spokesman called on Christie to focus on his own record instead of turning the conversation toward the speaker.

“A governor who has overseen a net 20 percent property tax hike, protected tax breaks for the mega-rich and vetoed bills to reform sick leave payouts and civil service has no credibility to criticize others, let alone those who have advocated tirelessly for the middle-class such as Speaker Oliver and the Assembly Democrats,” spokesman Tom Hester said in an e-mail. “The governor should focus on his own record of near-10 percent unemployment and a 47th-in-the-nation ranking in economic growth.”


  Shared services bill held up in Assembly, Christie says