Singer: ‘No problem’ returning Birdsall donation

TRENTON – Birdsall Services Group has been charged with violating the state’s pay-to-play laws. Over the years, the large engineering firm has served as an equal-opportunity campaign funds contributor.

Campaign finance records show several lawmakers and campaign committees – Republican and Democrat – receiving thousands of dollars in the nearly three decades for which records are available.

So far, only one lawmaker, Sen. Robert Singer, (R-30), of Lakewood, has said he would return funds received by Birdsall.

In his nearly two decades in elective office at the state level, Singer has received thousands of dollars in contributions from Birdsall.

For the 2011 race, Singer received $2,400. He said he didn’t receive any money last year from the firm.

Of that $2,400, he said some $1,700 was spent on running a  golf tournament that was held to raise funds.

Of the $700 “profit,” as he described it, Singer said he has no problem giving it back

“I would absolutely return it,” he said. “I have no problem returning that portion,” He said.

Singer: ‘No problem’ returning Birdsall donation