Special licenses to sell alcoholic beverages, Flood Hazard Area Control Act bills clear Assembly

TRENTON – Legislation that would grant special use alcohol sale permits under certain conditions cleared the Assembly Monday.

A3131/S1904: Allows for the issuance of special licenses to sell alcoholic beverages in qualifying development projects. The bill passed following a 47-26 vote with three abstentions.

The bill as amended, among other things, would reduce the maximum number of liquor licenses that may be issued in a given qualifying development project for every 50,000 square feet of improvements from five to three; reduce the maximum number of special retail distribution licenses that may be issued in a given qualifying development project for every 100,000 square feet of improvements from three to two licenses.

The bill defines a “qualifying development project” as a real estate development project located in a municipality having fewer than 1,000 residents and in a redevelopment area established by the New Jersey Meadowlands Commission.

Flood Hazard Area Control Act

A3262: Amends “Flood Hazard Area Control Act” to require the Department of Environmental Protection to take certain actions concerning delineations of flood hazard areas and floodways.

It passed 63-9 with five abstentions.

The amendments provide that a person shall, rather than may, apply for a permit  for a site based upon a floodway delineation approved by FEMA provided that (1) the federal floodway delineation is more recent than the DEP’s delineation for the same watercourse, and (2) the DEP determines that the federal floodway delineation is sufficient to carry and discharge the flood flow of the watercourse and is at least as protective of the public safety, health, and general welfare as the department’s delineation.

Zero Emission Vehicle Commission

A3028: Establishing the Zero Emission Vehicle Commission. This is a bill conditionally vetoed in January. It passed 67-9.

The governor said the bill was too narrowly focused on personal vehicles and not on mass transit.

He urged the Legislature to create an 11-member task force chaired by the Commissioner of the Department of Environmental Protection to study, among other things, all manner of alternatively fueled vehicles (including personal automobiles, commercial fleet vehicles, and mass transit vehicles), and to identify regulatory and statutory obstacles and inefficiencies at the federal, State, local, and municipal level that frustrate and impede the use of alternatively fueled vehicles. 

Assembly lawmakers also voted in favor of releasing several other proposed bills:

A2888: Creates Office of Clean Energy. The office would coordinate energy efficiency efforts, reduce reliance on fossil fuels, and develop benchmarks for increased use of renewable energy.

Passed 45-32


A2892: Allows military spouses with an out-of-state teaching license to receive a temporary instructional certificate in New Jersey.

Passed 76-0


A3343: Requires businesses receiving a state economic development subsidy to report campaign contributions greater than $10,000.

Passed 75-1


A3503: Establishes a task force to review residential community release programs to review halfway houses and make recommendations concerning security and inmate services.

Passed 51-23-1


A2512: Mandates notaries public must include in ads that they are not licensed to practice law. 

Passed 76-0


A2835: Clarifies that child support judgments shall not be docketed until arrearage equals or exceeds $500.

Passed 76-0


A2920: Establishes New Jersey Advisory Council on Youth and Collegiate Affairs. The bill sets up a 17-member advisory council.

The bill has been amended: replacing “private’’ colleges with “independent’’ colleges.

Passed 75-1


A3253: Provides emergency services exemption for vehicle spotlights.

Passed 75-0


A3283: Authorizes special Support Our Veterans license plate with proceeds supporting New Jersey homeless veteran’s centers.

Passed 76-0


A3329: This bill authorizes an Ancient Order of Hibernians (AOH) license plate. The design of the license plate would be chosen by the Chief Administrator of the New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission in consultation with the national president of AOH.

Passed 76-0


A3432: Requires development of a diabetes action plan by the Department of Health.

Passed 75-1


A2756/S1469: Provides surviving spouses of fire and police personnel who die in line of duty with workers’ compensation for entire period of survivorship.

The bill clarifies that it is not retroactive for surviving spouses who have since remarried. Under current law, such spouses receive a lump sum payment upon remarriage.

Passed 71-5


A3011/S1961: Establishes “Veterans Higher Education Commission.”

Passed 75-0 Special licenses to sell alcoholic beverages, Flood Hazard Area Control Act bills clear Assembly