The Best Reader Reactions to Times Trend Story on Diaperless Babies

Babies without diapers. (Getty Images)

Babies without diapers. (Getty Images)

The New York Times has a very good, very important story today about parents who don’t diaper their children and let them urinate/defecate wherever they want because of the environment, but also because it allows one to be in touch their child’s “elimination communications.” We’re trying to refrain from judgement, but shouldn’t parents be doing the communicating about where its appropriate to go pee-pee, since they know language and don’t have a soft spot on their skull?

This item was full of gems, most notably the ending:

Still, even the most ardent practitioners observe some limits. “I don’t think you can walk down Fifth Avenue and just let your baby poop on the sidewalk,” [some lady] said.

This essay has caused a veritable–excuse our punnery–shitstorm on the web that the Times‘ commenting section alone is worth the read. Here are just a choice few of our favorites.

Linda raises a very good point: most college students don’t know how to use a toilet despite early training.

There’s nothing like White Knighting the parent whose toddler is defecating outside Saks.

We love you, Alan.

No one was asking you over for supper, lady. But you’re right…gross.

Ha, you should meet our friend, Alan. You guys would get along.

Truer words, etc., The Best Reader Reactions to <em>Times</em> Trend Story on Diaperless Babies