The New Transit Czar

It took a while—more than three months—but Governor Cuomo got it right by selecting Tom Prendergast to be the new chairman and CEO of the Metropolitan Transportation Authority. Assuming that the State Senate confirms Mr. Prendergast, the MTA will be in competent, experienced hands as it continues the long process of repairing the damage Sandy caused and preparing the region’s infrastructure for future superstorms.

Mr. Prendergast will succeed Joe Lhota, who resigned in January to pursue the Republican Party’s mayoral nomination. Mr. Prendergast has been filling in as chairman and CEO since Mr. Lhota’s departure.

Having spent more than 20 years with the MTA, Mr. Prendergast knows the system and reportedly gets along with his fellow managers as well as with the agency’s powerful unions. That cooperative, collaborative spirit will come in handy as the agency reboots itself for the challenges of the 21st century.

The MTA will spend nearly $10 billion to repair storm damage and update its equipment for the new age of extreme weather. In the meantime, work continues on other essential projects, especially the long-awaited Second Avenue subway.

All of this activity requires a blend of leadership and cooperation. Mr. Prendergast clearly understands the challenges and has the skills to meet them.

The governor picked a winner. The New Transit Czar