The Pitch Season 2, Episode Two: Suitey — Makes Apartment Hunting Sweeter

Unknown-1Thanks for joining us last week for the premiere of the second season of The Pitch. In today’s episode we meet Phil Lang and David Walker, cofounders of Suitey, an online real estate brokerage aimed at making buying and selling an apartment in New York City suck less. Mr. Walker and Mr. Lang met while rowing at Yale (wonder if they ever rowed against the Winklevii?) and were inspired to develop Suitey after watching their friends experience the grueling rite of passage of finding an apartment in a city full of thousands of options, some more suitable than others. (No creepy perma-naked roommates, please.)

The duo’s online platform leverages technology and offline customer service to offer a concierge-type buying experience, taking users through the purchase funnel from beginning to end. Leg muscles can’t handle a 6th floor walkup? Suitey can help. By mining the behavioral and demographic information of site visitors, Suitey helps tailor the buying process to each client based on their individual preferences.

Can their pitch convince our judges, SoftBank Capital’s Nikhil Kalghatgi and Lerer Ventures’ Steve Schlafman, that Suitey is the platform to steal market share from traditional brokerages and online power houses? Watch and see if the investors feel Suitey is sweet enough to take home the grand prize.

This post is sponsored by FedEx. The Pitch Season 2, Episode Two: Suitey — Makes Apartment Hunting Sweeter