The Secret to Being a Serial Ax Murderer on City Payroll

An ax. (Photo: Wikimedia/Luigi Chiesa)

An ax. (Photo: Wikimedia/Luigi Chiesa)

According to Mayor Michael Bloomberg, there is one sure way to ensure he never fires you: being attacked by the media.

“It’s always easy to hire people who follow orders but that does not yield innovation,” he explained yesterday morning at the New York Times Energy for Tomorrow conference. Instead, Mr. Bloomberg said said, one should hire people like Transportation Commissioner Janette Sadik-Khan, “that think like entrepreneurs, who are always looking ahead and pushing the bounds of possible.”

But, Mr. Bloomberg cautioned, “You have to make sure that you support them when people come after them.”

The mayor, of course, has frequently been lambasted by the editorial boards, and throughout yesterday’s speech, he took a number of jabs at the city’s three biggest dailies newspapers–The New York Times, Daily News and New York Post–for mocking some of his ideas and staffing decisions.

“I’ve always joked–and it’s not really a joke–If you want to make sure that you have lifetime employment with the Bloomberg administration–or at least outlive the Bloomberg administration–you just make sure that the Times, the Post and the News demand your ouster,” he said. “Trust me, not a chance. I don’t care what you did, you could be a serial ax murderer but we’re going to keep you.”

This is not the first time he has employed the phrase “serial ax murderer” to make a point. Indeed, Mr. Bloomberg used it almost exactly one year ago to describe what it would take for a teacher to “get a slap on the wrist” under their union contracts.

“Maybe I won’t go quite that far,” he added yesterday about his own staff. “But very close.” The Secret to Being a Serial Ax Murderer on City Payroll