The Two Schools of Thought in Essex

The Essex County insider sat on a stool with the bill of his cap pulled down over a deeply lined face.

You wear a cap like that indoors and scrunch your head down between your shoulders when you don’t want to be seen.

“Put your notebook away.”

You say that when you don’t want a reporter to quote anything you say.

The subject was Essex County Executive Joe DiVincenzo.

The insider, a Democrat, conceded that there are now two running schools of thought concerning Democrat “Joe D’s” situation with Gov. Chris Christie.

There’s one school that says DiVincenzo has to endorse his re-election for governor and will, at a podium with a flag behind him.

The other school is that all DiVincenzo needs to do is highlight the bipartisanship relationship he and the governor enjoy at events like the one today where Christie and the county executive jointly cut the ribbon on a new sea lion tank.

“I think he’s going to formally endorse him,” said the insider. “He’s got to. This is all about Christie 2016. Christie wants to win big and he wants Joe D. to provide proof of his bipartisan reach. It’s a no brainer. Joe D’s got to do it.”

He acknowledged the other point of view, shared by another insider via telephone, which is that DiVincenzo will enjoy public appearances with Christie for the next few months and be available to endorse the Republican governor only if the race with Democrat Barbara Buono gets close.  The Two Schools of Thought in Essex