Alex Zachary to Greene Naftali, Peter Currie to Buchholz

Alex Zachary Peter Currie gallery's old logo.

Alex Zachary Peter Currie gallery’s old logo.

Alex Zachary, who ran a short-lived but influential gallery in an Upper East Side duplex with Peter Currie, has joined Chelsea’s Greene Naftali as a director. (Astute observers may have noticed him working that gallery’s booth at Frieze New York a few weeks back.) His former partner has joined Galerie Daniel Buchholz, of Berlin and Cologne, as a director as well.

When the two closed their space on East 77th Street earlier in 2013 after about two years in business (Mr. Currie joined as a partner in 2012), they were in the process of securing a spot for a proposed gallery in Harlem, which would continue the pair’s unusual programming. This included the artist Lutz Bacher filling the space with sand, a show pairing Hannah Wilke and Anne Truitt and an exhibition of West German ceramics from 1960 to 1980 organized by Nicholas Tremblay.

“We won’t be re-opening the gallery uptown,” Mr. Zachary said over e-mail. “As these other opportunities presented themselves–with Carol [Greene], with the Buchholz boys–it would’ve been insane to pass them up.”

As for his new gig, Mr. Zachary said Greene Naftali is a natural extension of the kind of work he was showcasing on the Upper East Side.

“In my view Greene Naftali more or less set the critical agenda for New York over the past five/ten years,” he said.  “It’s safe to say that without Greene Naftali nothing we did at our gallery would’ve made any sense.”

Alex Zachary to Greene Naftali, Peter Currie to Buchholz