Aron gets Carville shout out, Drewniak claims vindication

TRENTON – As anyone who followed this year’s Correspondents Club Dinner already knows, Gov. Chris Christie and state lawmakers weren’t the only figures New Jersey’s press corps centered the focus of their jokes on.

Long-time Christie spokesman Michael Drewniak got the full attention of NJTV’s Michael Aron, who sang a piece dedicated to the man who can “freeze you with his stare” and whose reputation for confronting reporters along press row is well known.

Well, two days later, the spokesman is claiming “revenge” as the governor’s office released a video of James Carville taking a shot at the man we on press row refer to as “the dean.”

“One question,” says Carville in what appears to be an outtake of the video Christie’s office put together for the charity dinner, “Is Michael Aron still the biggest pain in the ass in the state or has that changed?” Carville joked.

The governor’s office referred to the video as “payback,” saying Drewniak got a “bipartisan assist from another high-profile, follically-challenged political operative.”

And as for Drewniak, he’s still insisting he’s just misunderstood by the press corps.

“Clearly, I’m misunderstood,” Drewniak said in an exchange with PolitickerNJ.

“I’m really a very nice guy. I’m really only a ‘maniac’ about surf-fishing for striped bass, but there’s not a lot of time for that, so I like to spend my spare time sending nice missives to reporters or having ‘constructive’ conversations on the phone with them,” he said.

Aron gets Carville shout out, Drewniak claims vindication