Assembly concurs on CV’d bills

TRENTON – The Assembly passed bills today that had previously been vetoed conditionally, including measures dealing with employees’ computer user names and Lottery winner anonymity. The Assembly concurred with the governor’s recommendations.

A2878: Passed 74-0. Prohibits requirement to disclose user name, password, or other means for accessing account or service through electronic communications device by employers.

Gov. Chris Christie conditionally vetoed this bill, calling it overbroad, and recommending a balance be struck between workers’ privacy rights and an employer’s ability to conduct a proper job interview.

A2982: Passed 76-2. Gives State Lottery winners option of remaining anonymous for one year.

The governor vetoed this conditionally, fearing it could undermine public confidence that the Lottery is run with integrity, and it might actually depress sales.

He recommended that Treasury conduct a thorough review of the proposal.

A1271: Passed 66-12. This bill, conditionally vetoed, allows a corporation business tax credit and gross income tax credit for wages paid to qualified interns.

The bill allows credits in amounts equal to 40 percent of compensation paid or $600, whichever is less.  Taxpayers that employ three or more qualified interns in a tax year receive a $75 bonus per qualified intern. 

The bill annually limits the combined credits under both the CBT and GIT to 5,250 qualified interns or 700 taxpayers, whichever limitation is triggered first.   

Gov. Chris Christie said in his veto message that he was concerned that there is no reason to believe this will lead to more long-term employment, so he recommended the Department of Labor and Workforce Development conduct a study of the possible benefits of such a tax credit program. Assembly concurs on CV’d bills