Barnes holds 3 to 1 cash advantage in 18th

Democratic Assemblyman Peter Barnes, who is hoping to move up to the Senate in the 18th District, holds a three to one cash advantage over his Republican challenger, according to the latest filing with the Election Law Enforcement Commission.

Barnes, who is challenging East Brunswick Mayor David Stahl, who switched parties to run as a Republican, holds $66,932 in his campaign account versus Stahl’s $19,224.

The two men are vying to replace state Sen. Barbara Buono, who is the presumptive Democratic gubernatorial nominee.

To date in this cycle Barnes has raised $118,252.  Stahl has raised $20,954 to date, including $8,200 from the campaign account of state Sen. Tom Kean Jr., who has maxed out in at least six districts the GOP considers competitive.

While the 18th District has traditionally leaned Democratic, Gov. Chris Christie did well there in 2009.  Under the new configuration, which changed in 2011, Christie would have won the District 52 percent to 47 percent, giving the GOP hope they can take the open seat. 

Barnes holds 3 to 1 cash advantage in 18th