Bills on menhaden catch limits, social media instruction, among those passed in Assembly

TRENTON – The Assembly passed bills involving licenses for timeshare salespersons, school instruction on responsible use of social media, private

TRENTON – The Assembly passed bills involving licenses for timeshare salespersons, school instruction on responsible use of social media, private sponsorship of toll road rest areas, and menhaden catching regulations, among others.

A3195: Passed 73-5.  Establishes pilot program in the Education Department to recruit and match minority men to teach in certain failing schools under alternate route program.

A3227: Passed 70-8. This bill establishes a license for timeshare salespersons, which enables timeshare salespersons to be employed by and operate under the supervision of a licensed real estate broker to sell or offer to sell, buy or offer to buy, or negotiate the purchase, sale, or exchange of timeshare interests.

A3292: Passed 59-15-3. Requires school districts to provide instruction on responsible use of social media for middle school students as part of the Core Curriculum Content Standards in Technology.

A3461:  Passed 78-0. Provides for sponsorship of certain rest areas along roads such as the N.J. Turnpike and Garden State Parkway by private entities.

A3513: Passed 78-0. Designates May of each year “Military Appreciation Month” in New Jersey.

A3529: Passed 78-0. Designates Paterson Plank Road bridge in Secaucus as the “Joseph F. Tagliareni, Jr. Memorial Bridge.”

A3535: Passed 78-0. Establishes “Energy Infrastructure Study Commission.”

A3549: Passed 56-20-2. Requires posting on website of Division of Consumer Affairs information concerning operations of retail motor fuel dealers during certain emergencies.

The amended bill removed the requirement that the Division of Consumer Affairs list more specific information concerning retail fuel dealers on its website during a declared state of emergency, including exactly which dealers are open and selling motor fuel; the amount of inventory in stock of each type of motor fuel sold by each dealer; and the time and date of the issuance of this information.

A3583/S1613: Passed 78-0. Creates task force to explore areas to improve school safety.

A3615: Passed 78-0. This bill would mandate that the use of eminent domain can’t be justified solely upon the basis that it is underutilized, unless the property otherwise meets the criteria for blight.  

Among amendments, the bill will not prohibit a municipality or redevelopment entity from condemning property that is located in an area that was determined to be in need of redevelopment prior to the effective date of the bill.

A3624/3525: Passed 78-0. Provides that participation by New Jersey residents in contests of skill does not constitute unlawful gambling.

A3680:  Passed 53-6-15. This bill, designated as the “New Jersey Economic Opportunity Act of 2013,” expands two economic development incentive programs administered by the New Jersey Economic Development Authority: the Grow New Jersey Assistance Program and the Economic Redevelopment and Growth Grant program .

The bill shutters several other programs in hopes of streamlining and expanding incentive programs’ effectiveness.

A3696/S2163: Passed 51-26-1. This bill provides to non-teaching employees of local, county or regional school districts, boards or commissions the right to submit to binding arbitration any dispute regarding whether there is just cause for a disciplinary action.

A3717: Passed 67-11. Requires submission of certain mental health records to National Instant Criminal Background Check System.

A3726: Passed 77-0. Repeals anachronistic, superseded, or invalidated sections of statutory law.

Among other things, the bill would deal with items such as permitting a stallion to run at large, public drinking cups and infectious disease concerns, separation of debtors and criminals in prison, and occupations forbidden to persons infected with venereal disease.

A3733: Passed 77-0. Exempts veterans’ organizations from nonprofit corporation annual report filing fee.

A3804: Passed 77-0. Authorizes creation of special Omega Psi Phi license plate.

A3818: Passed 76-1. Clarifies that the “Uniform Electronic Transactions Act” applies to real estate transactions.

A3840: Passed 67-10. Prohibits the Department of Environmental Protection from reducing fishing quotas established by federal or regional entities, unless authorized by law.

A3860/S2532: Passed 77-0. Clarifies charitable contributions are not a factor in determining where person is domiciled under New Jersey gross income tax.

A3890: Passed 76-1. Provides limited exemption from local land use restrictions to allow certain existing structures to be raised to new FEMA base flood elevations.

A3902: Passed 78-0. Establishes certain pet shop requirements and standards for care of dogs.

A3944: Passed 72-2-3. Removes statutory limitation on number of permits that may be issued by Division of Fish and Wildlife for the taking of beaver.

A3955: Passed 78-0. Allows gross income taxpayers to use their gross income tax returns to make voluntary contributions to the Rutgers Oral History Archives.

A3989: Passed 74-2-1. Authorizes a teacher leader endorsement to the instructional certificate.

Under the provisions of the bill, a teacher will be required to be issued this endorsement in order to be appointed by a board of education to one of various positions.

A4025/S2363: Passed 73-4. Requires home improvement contractors to display State-issued identification badge; requires surrender in certain circumstances; imposes penalty for improper display of badge.

A4036: Passed 72-0-5. This bill would establish catching quota regulations for catching menhaden, in accordance with the Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission’s Interstate Fishery Management Plan.

S316: Passed 77-0. Permits certain county boards of chosen freeholders to publish notices of proposed or amended ordinances by title and summary.

S1303: Passed 75-1. Revises penalties for animal cruelty, increasing degree of certain offenses; designated as Patrick’s Law, named after a pit bull, which after being starved to an extremely emaciated condition, was placed in a garbage bag, and dropped down a garbage chute in an apartment complex in that city. The dog is now cared for. Bills on menhaden catch limits, social media instruction, among those passed in Assembly