Bills signed: Library dissolution, fee cancelations, more

TRENTON – Governor Chris Christie today took action on legislation, including signing bills on dissolution of libraries, cancelation of some fees, and appointment of emergency management coordinators.

He also vetoed several bills, including ones dealing with early voting and one affecting EMTs.


S-195/A-672 (C.J. Connors/Rumpf, Gove) – Permits cancellation of municipal charges and fees under $10

S-765/A-1086 (Scutari, Cardinale/Quijano, Casagrande, Jasey) – Clarifies trustee’s discretionary authority concerning income tax liability

SCS for S-1358/A-2971 (Pennachio, Van Drew/Coughlin, Coutinho, Quijano, Jasey) – Concerns dissolution of free public libraries

S-1536/A-2473 (C.J. Connors, Stack/Rumpf, Gove) – Permits mayors to appoint municipal emergency management coordinators from among residents of municipalities subject to a shared services agreement

S-2092/A-3003 (Pennachio, Gordon/Casagrande, Barnes, Coutinho, Rible) – Lieutenant Scott Jenkins’ Law; creates certain new criminal offenses aimed at theft from cargo carriers; amends theft statutes

S-2410/A-3651 (Beck/Angelini, Casagrande) – School bond validating act

SJR-11/AJR-54 (Singer/Dancer) – Designates June 7th of each year as Neonatal Alloimmune Thrombocytopenia Awareness Day”

SJR-40/AJR-53 (Weinberg, Greenstein/Vainieri Huttle, Lampitt) – Designates November of each year as Children’s Product Safety Awareness Month”


S-1219/ACS for A-1640, 3066 (Codey, Lesniak/Watson Coleman, Coutinho, Johnson)  – CONDITIONAL – Increases compensation for wrongful imprisonment

SCS for S-1336, 2002/ACS for A-2905, 2191 (Beck, Vitale, Singer, Rice/Ramos, Lampitt, Conaway) – CONDITIONAL – Requires physicians to complete survey as condition for biennial registration with Board of Medical Examiners and requires board to maintain and disseminate survey data as appropriate

SCS for S-1645, 2173/A-3326 (Beck, Sweeney/Burzichelli, O’Scanlon) – CONDITIONAL – Permits certain former members and employees of NJ Racing Commission to work for, or hold interest in, licensee thereof if State Ethics Commission finds no conflict of interest following membership or employment

S-1650/A-2463 (Vitale, Sweeney/Conaway, Jimenez)ABSOLUTE – Revises requirements for emergency medical services delivery

S-2364/A-3553 (Gill, Whelan/Wisniewski, Oliver, Diegnan, Benson, Conaway, Coughlin) ABSOLUTE – Requires availability of early voting for certain elections; makes appropriation



Bills signed: Library dissolution, fee cancelations, more