Bloomberg Says Girlfriend ‘Frosty’ After Muppet Make-Out

The two star-crossed lovers stared into each other's eyes on Tuesday. (Photo: Getty)

The two star-crossed lovers stared into each other’s eyes on Tuesday. (Photo: Getty)

Mister Bloomberg kissed Miss Piggy again, and his girlfriend didn’t like it.

The fateful exchange came on Tuesday, when Mayor Michael Bloomberg announced Muppets creator Jim Henson’s estate donated nearly 400 puppets, costumes and props to the Museum of the Moving Image in Astoria.

Asked about the subsequent kiss he shared with Miss Piggy during his weekly WOR radio show this morning, the mayor said his girlfriend Diana Taylor disapproved.

“She was a little bit frosty that night,” Mr. Bloomberg reflected. “She reminded me of the Grouch a little bit.”

Laughing, he added, “I’ve got to talk to her.”

It should be noted that Mr. Bloomberg pecked Miss Piggy’s cheek on at least one other occasion as well–a year ago at another Muppet-themed press conference. At the time, Mr. Bloomberg gave himself some better cover, insisting, “A kiss with Diana is better. Just to get me through the evening.”

Mr. Bloomberg has shared several other notable smooches, including his famous New Year’s Eve kiss with pop sensation Lady Gaga, and a recent peck from a sea lion.

After the Gaga kiss, Politicker asked Ms. Taylor whether the mayor had asked permission before locking lips with others.

“He always asks for forgiveness,” she answered. “Never permission.” Bloomberg Says Girlfriend ‘Frosty’ After Muppet Make-Out