Bramnick: Dems haven’t done enough to rein in spending


TRENTON – Assembly Minority Leader Jon Bramnick has a simple answer for what should happen to longtime Democrats who didn’t do enough to rein in spending and tax increases.

“They should be sent home in November,” he said during a press briefing Monday on the GOP legislative agenda.

Bramnick provided a litany of reasons, including an array of tax hikes, excessive spending and borrowing, and playing “politics with Homeland Security.”

“How can you possibly send back legislators, the Democrats, who were there for 10 years, when they didn’t do the job,” he asked.

The Assembly leader said that the Democrats’ reason that they can’t enact Gov. Chris Christie’s tax cut proposals because there’s not enough funding can’t be taken seriously because the very pieces of legislation they sponsored on today’s voting docket call for additional spending.

They include items such as loan forgiveness, land purchases, and a prescription drug exchange program, among others. 

“How do you argue that you don’t have the money when you post five bills that cost money,” he said. “Tell me where that money is.”

Assembly Democrats’ spokesman Tom Hester fired back at the criticism.

“Sounds like the Republicans are campaigning on taxpayer time, but besides that they have absolutely no credibility considering they’ve embraced a nearly 20 percent net property tax increase and rejected middle-class property tax relief time and time again, all while supporting tax breaks for millionaires,” he said.

Bramnick: Dems haven’t done enough to rein in spending