Brown Students Explain ‘Your Future in Media’


Flow chart via The Indy.

Confused about your future in media? Who isn’t? Don’t know which publication to read or try to work for? Lucky for you, two contributors to Brown University’s The College Hill Independent “with an interest in media” have broken it down in a handy (and only slightly confusing) flow chart.

You see, it’s all based on how you communicate and what you like.

If you are the type of person who uses gChat to communicate, pretends your winter breath is a cigarette and likes to hang out on rooftops with ScarJo, then New York magazine is for you. But if you would rather hang out on a rooftop with Gwyneth Paltrow, you should probably subscribe to/go work at Bon Appetite. Partying on a yacht? Is it Hilfiger’s? Then go with Vogue. But if it’s your grandfather’s, then try a different Condé Nast publication, namely, The New Yorker.

Do you use Snapchat to send Selfies? US Weekly. Do you use it to send dick pics? Yeah, maybe try Maxim. There is, as one can imagine, lots more nuance and intricacies to the chart. Oh, kids today. Brown Students Explain ‘Your Future in Media’