Bucco appeals to Sweeney on landfill closure

State Sen. Anthony Bucco yesterday appealed to Senate President Steve Sweeney to allow a hearing to go forward Monday on a bill that would provide for the closing of a Morris County landfill.

The bill was among those pulled off Monday’s committee agendas in what sources close to the Senate President say was relatiation against Minority Leader Tom Kean Jr.

“Yesterday’s order by the Senate President directly keeps dozens of suffering local families and hundreds of area school students at risk,” Bucco said. “I’m concerned with protecting the people of this area from this hazardous situation.” 

Bucco and Sen. Joe Pennacchio sent a letter to Sweeney asking him to rescind the decision.

“S-2617 is vital to eliminating health hazards from the improper, overdue closure of the Fenimore Landfill in Roxbury Township, Morris County,” the letter said. “Specifically, hydrogen sulfide (H2S) has been emanating from the landfill and measured at levels that are beyond safe limits. The wellbeing of dozens of area families and hundreds of nearby school students are at risk due to the failed sealing of this landfill by a private group.”

Sweeney pulled all GOP-sponsored bills off Monday’s agendas after Kean blocked Sweeney’s attempt to get an emergency vote on his bill strengthening background checks for gun purchasers. Sources said Sweeney’s blockade on Republican-sponsored bills will remain in effect for the foreseeable future.   Bucco appeals to Sweeney on landfill closure