Bucking the trend: Christie and the presidency

Handlers have long tried to package American leaders as virile athletes in prime physical shape. Although he played catcher and distinguished himself in high school sports, Gov. Chris Christie bucks the trend of cowboy boot-wearing combat pilot.

If he runs for president in 2016, Christie would be resisting the jock mold established by the following modern presidential office-holders…

John F. Kennedy

A slim war hero, Kennedy had a penchant for showing off with the family as a touch football competitor. Dogged by poor health, Kennedy nonetheless went out of his way to radiate austere athlete;

Ronald Reagan

The ex-lifeguard was an artist’s model, movie actor and an avid horse rider;

George Herbert Walker Bush

The slender war hero was a baseball star at Yale;

George W. Bush

True, he was a cheerleader in his youth, but that didn’t stop him from rolling up his sleeves and kick-starting the chainsaw to clear brush on his Texas ranch for the cameras.

Barack Obama

The sitting president project’s a jock’s confidence based on his basketball-playing past. They installed a basketball court at the White House for him so he could work out and highlight fitness.

Bucking the trend: Christie and the presidency