Buono says O’Donnell is the right man for the job

ATLANTIC CITY – Amid some intra-party controversy over the presumptive Democratic gubernatorial nominee’s choice for next state party chairperson, state Sen. Barbara Buono says the party is united.

The likely challenger to Republican Gov. Chris Christie brushed off any notions her decision to tap Assemblyman Jason O’Donnell as next party chairman could cause a divide in the party – as some top Democratic officials have recently suggested.

“He’s the best choice,” Buono said at the New Jersey Democratic State Committee conference Friday evening, calling O’Donnell “young and energetic.”

“There’s always differences within the Democratic Party,” she said, but added, “The party has already come together.”

Buono said it’s not unusual to have slight disagreements among Democrats in the party, but she argued the stakes are too high in the upcoming election.

The incoming chairman echoed Buono’s comments.

“I don’t know if anybody wants to stand in the way of history,” said O’Donnell, referring to the state electing its first woman Democrat as governor.

“I think the Democratic Party is going to unite behind our candidate,” he said.

Buono says O’Donnell is the right man for the job