Buono wants legislative hearings into Rutgers AD controversy

TRENTON – Democratic Sen. and presumptive gubernatorial candidate Barbara Buono called on the Senate floor Thursday for legislative hearings into the Rutgers University scandal involving the ongoing problems in the athletic department.

Buono said what is happening at the state’s “flagship university’’ is an embarrassment. She said that the President, Robert Barchi, is refusing to step down, she cited an “abdication of responsibility,” and said it is incumbent on the Legislature to take steps “to stop the bleeding.”

She criticized her gubernatorial opponent, Gov. Chris Christie, for “selective leadership” in not taking a more active role in resolving the problems at Rutgers.

The latest controversy involves the newly hired Athletic Director, Julie Hermann, and reports that she engaged in abusive behavior toward former athletes.

She replaced former Athletic Director Tim Pernetti who was let go after former basketball coach Tim Rice was seen in videos physically and verbally abusing players.

Buono said legislative hearings are needed to get to the bottom of the problems at Rutgers.



Buono wants legislative hearings into Rutgers AD controversy