Christie: ‘Democratic support doesn’t diminish my base’

PATERSON – Gov. Chris Christie’s presence last night at state Sen. Sandra Cunningham’s (D-31) charitable fundraiser showed again the Republican’s willingness to storm Democratic Party turf to shower love on would-be foes.

Then there was the visual of Democratic Party rock star Jon Bon Jovi standing next to him at a podium today.

“The governor likes to pose for pictures,” state Sen. Nia Gill (D-34) groused – and then he blocks progressive legislation.

While Bon Jovi left before the q and a period, long before anyone could ask him who he’s supporting for governor, the onetime avid Jon Corzine backer served the function of a well-coifed prop for the Republican governor amid a blinding shower of New York flashbulbs.

A reporter asked the governor if he’s worried about ticking off his base.

“By having more supporters?” Christie beamed. “I don’t think so. I have always been willing to accept the support from anyone. Democratic support doesn’t diminish my base, it enhances our ability to work together.”

His gaze fixed on state Sen. Joe Vitale (D-19).

“If Senator Vitale wants to endorse me, he can come up here and do it right now,” he said to laughs.

Then the governor noted the advantage registered Democrats have over Republicans – roughly 700,000.

“If I only hang out with Republicans I am going to be eating dinner alone,” he said.

Republicans in New Jersey understand that, he added.

Christie: ‘Democratic support doesn’t diminish my base’